Ready To See If Your Brain Works Or Not? It’s Possible Now!


A latest paper by Rodika Sokoliuk and Rufin VanRullen argues that it’s possible to see the manifestation of our own brain cells! How so? According to them, what we can see are the alpha waves of our brain These waves refer to the rhythmic changes in the brain activity.

Now, take a look at the picture of the pin-wheel like drawing and stare at it for a moment, shift your attention to another spot taking the drawing out of your peripheral vision and the wheel will start moving! The movement that we see is the representation of the “alpha waves” of our brain! The same can be observed by immediately taking away your vision from the drawing to a blank surface – like a wall – and you will observe the waves on the surface!

Reason for this connection is that an artificial flicker occurs at 10 Hz or ten times a second and when people compared it to the pin-wheel flicker, they choose a frequency of 9.1 Hz! this can be a coincidence as well but hey, you never know!

All you will know is that if you see the flicker, your brain is working!

Via Discover.


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