15 Reasons Why Having A Bhabhi Is The Best Thing In The World!

Admit it! Having a brother becomes a lot more fun when he gets married. :P Here are 15 reasons why having a Bhabhi is one of the awesomest things that can happen to you!

#1. Because she is like a mother, a sister, a friend, a guide, a soul mate, fellow shopper everything wrapped in one!



#2. Because you get amazing rakhi gifts!



#3. Because she’s the best Devil’s advocate for your mischief. *Bwahahahaha*



#4. Because she loves you like a sister and scolds you like a nasty boss.

13giphy (2)


#5. Because teasing your brother was never so much fun!



#6. Those awesome shopping sprees. *_*



#7. Because she is the best bridge between you and your brother.

#8. Because you can annoy her to your heart’s content.


#9. And then get annoyed.



#10. Because life advice!!


#11. Because she is the perfect being when it comes to bridging the generation gap between you and your mother. Bless her :’)



#12. Because she knows your favorite food, your favorite color, your favorite ice cream, your favorite tooth brush, your secret crush and everything under the moon that concerns you.



#13. Because she knows when you are low and also knows the most badass way to make you smile. :D



#14. Because she has the nerve to annoy your brother when he gets mad at you.



#15. Because that lovely person not only became a part of your brother’s life, but yours too!



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