19 Signs That You Are In Love With Chai!

There are some things without which there would be no point to life. Girls? Hot men? Food? Nah! It’s the warm, aromatic beverage we all are in love with – Chai! Tea lovers all over the world will know what I am talking about. Here are things every ‘Chai’ Lover will relate to:

#1. The only way you can wake up is by holding that cup of hot, piping tea and cherishing its fragrance. 



#2. You always have a bad day when you don’t have that cuppa in the morning.


“Yaar, aaj to subha se chai hi nahi pi!”


#3. The worst feeling in the world: When someone makes a bad cup of tea.


“Isse to chai ki value hi nahi pata.”


#4. You know all the tea-stalls and “kitlis” in the town!



“Ramu kaka ki chai…”


#5. Your friends go crazy over Starbucks and you just wonder “when the hell will I get to have my cup of tea?!”



#6. Your scariest nightmare is about that fateful and horrifying day when the world will run out of tea.




#7. And if some odd day there is no tea in the house, a war starts between you and your mom (or your roommate!).



#8. When you walk into your office or college, first thing you do is have tea from the canteen.


“Ek cup chai to pi le yaar!”


#9. You’ve actually dreamt of opening a tea shop but chucked the idea because you’d keep drinking tea and there’d be no profit in the business.



#10. You’ve traveled to Darjeeling and Assam and all those famous places where the best tea grows.



#11. When you go grocery shopping, you come back with 50 flavours of tea.



#12. Your friends always send you tea samples from different places.



#13. The only way you can focus on anything – studies, work, or a movie – is after a cup of tea.



#14. The sounds you make when someone makes your tea just the way you like it!


“Ahh… Mazaa aa gaya!!”


#15. You wait for rains because you want to enjoy “baarish aur chai”. *_*



#16. Tea is your only friend after a bad day at work or a breakup or anything sad.




#17. You will fall in love with someone who makes you tea. Simple enough.



#18. You are generally lazy but if you feel like a cup of tea, you run to the kitchen!



#19. Life without tea is not worth living. Screw oxygen!



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