“No ‘Lose Hair’ Hairdo,” Take A Look At This Ridiculous List Of Rules For Women From A Chennai College!

Sri Sairam College in Chennai recently came under public scrutiny, when it released a ridiculous list of restrictions for women on campus. The premier engineering institute apparently has a different set of rules for male students and female students.

According to the list titled ‘Special Instructions for Girls’, women cannot celebrate, ‘Birthdays, New Year and other functions in the college campus’. Neither can they, ‘bring Two Wheeler and Four Wheeler’ (since women can obviously teleport!). Rickshaw chalega kya? -_-
































The ‘Big “NO”s for Girls’ also mentions that girls ‘Should follow allotted Staircase and Footpaths’, because everyone knows women get lost easily! The list even bans them from using social networking sites.

While every academy has the right to enforce certain rules, it can certainly not be dictatorial. In this case, not only are the restrictions oppressive, but they are also discriminatory towards women.

At this point, it is surprising how female students are allowed to be females or how they themselves have not been banned.


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