Karan Johar Talks About The Lack Of Freedom Of Expression At Jaipur Lit Fest & He Is On Point!

Karan Johar is one of India’s best film makers. But does that mean he has an easy life? Not likely considering how he has a sense of humour and a need to tell stories that should be told rather than the ones that can be told. K Jo is always waiting for someone to file a law suit against him for something he says or puts in a film, because as he says: “Freedom of expression is the biggest joke!”

We can’t argue with that one at this point, after so many problems that both media and the censor board has created in the last year. At the Jaipur Literary Festival, which is going on right now, Johar talked about how he has to constantly fight in order to make movies or have a laugh. Watch him say more on the topic here:


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Kanchi Vasavada

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