This Comedy Web Series About Struggling Actors Is The Proof That Indian Television Is Evolving!

India was introduced to the concept of web series with TVF’s Permanent Roommates going viral. What followed after that was a wave of creators coming up with their own web series with media houses as big as Yashraj Films have ventured into this format. YouTube has given the creative freedom to filmmakers to express themselves without the fear of censorship or studio intervention.

For the fans of mockumentary TV shows like Modern Family, The Office and Parks and Recreation, India has come up with its own show of the format called ‘Not Fit’. For those who are not familiar the concept, a mockumentary is satirical work presented in the style of a documentary to create a parody. ‘Not Fit’ is a 10 episode long web series about struggling actors in Bollywood.

India’s first mockumentary web-series, Not Fit, chronicles the humorous adventures of Neerav Kapoor (Nero), struggling actor extraordinaire and quintessential fool, as he tries to make his mark as an actor in the entertainment industry. Nero’s bloated self-image and lack of self-awareness lead him from one predicament to the next. But, he never quits and goes about making ends meet with the same amount of zeal, positivity, and hope, as when he first arrived in Mumbai. Nero is joined on his journey by a colourful band of characters who take him and the audience through all kinds of professional and personal ups and downs (mostly downs).

Here is the first episode of ‘Not Fit’ –

To watch the complete series click here – ‘Not Fit’


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