27 Annoying Things Couples Need To Stop Doing Right Now

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, some couples can get really annoying. Everyone goes through phases of being so into their partner that they can’t get enough of them, but not everybody needs to see that, right? Here are all the times that couples seriously get on everyone’s nerves:

#1. Uploading a new selfie everyday with hashtags like #bae #him #her #us #love 



#2. Public display of affection. Enough said.



#3. Referring to themselves as a unit. 



#4. What’s a couple’s favourite thing to do? Give romantic advice to everyone. Thanks, guys. 




#5. They sometimes behave like having a relationship makes them better than other people. Even around other people with relationships!



#6. When they call each other by their nicknames.



#7. When they say that they have named their kids after going out for 2 weeks. 



#8. Asking each other’s for permission before making plans with their friends.



#9. You can never find one without the other.



#10. Changing their Facebook relationship status to ‘single’ every time they have a disagreement. 


#11. Having those “No, you hang up first.” conversations. 


#12. Finishing each other’s sentences.


#13. When they laugh at inside jokes in a group. 


#14. When they keep texting each other while they are in a group.


#15. Feeding each other in public.


#16. Quoting romantic Bollywood dialogues to each other all the time, and saying how it was written just for them.


#17. When they change “their song” every week.


#18. The way they always hold hands even when they need to use both their hands at the same time.


#19. Talking about their partner when someone mentions anything. Anything. 

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#20. Fighting loudly around other people.


#21. When they keep telling everyone who will listen how hot their sex life is, or much sex they’re having.


#22. Couples who disappear to spend private time when they are in a group.


#23. Couples who compare themselves with every single couple from movies.


#24. When they keep talking about all the #relationshipgoals that they achieve. 


#25. When they third-wheel a friend who they force to hangout with them.


#26. You have to invite both of them if you want to hangout with your friend.


#27. When you’re with them and their partner comes to meet them “out of the blue” because they simply must see them. 




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