We Don’t Care About Animal Cruelty But Here’s Why We Need To

India is really no place for animal activists. Don’t you start comparing it with China and other countries that legalizes such torturous practices on animals! Every time a news report pops up about how strays have mauled people, the response is directed towards the need to kill all strays and there is a severe backlash on the organizations that fight for animal rights. No one pays attention that in most of these reports, facts aren’t cross checked. There are several loop holes that is visible to the naked eye but people choose to ignore it. After all, it is but an excuse to carry on with the cruel practices.

It is time that we take this discussion to the further step and put end to such practices by enforcing stringent laws to punish the culprits. What kind of a society are we if we are okay with dogs being thrown from terrace, new born puppies being doused on fire, animal sacrifice to appease a deity or experimenting on animals, we will have to redefine humans.

If we lack kindness and sympathy for those who don’t have a voice of their own, then humanity has lost its purpose. We will have to fight their battles because they cannot.

Every time an animal lover points out these cruel practices, comments keep pouring in. The most popular one among the heap being, “Don’t you have important things to talk about? People are dying everywhere. Why waste food on street dogs when there are children dying of hunger” Animal activists get that a lot. There is pain and suffering everywhere around. Yes children are dying of hunger and people are suffering and we all have a duty to work for the cause. But why should this be an excuse to become blind to the plight of the starving animals, the ones by the dumpster?

We keep forgetting that this world wasn’t created for the sole benefit of humans. Humans were supposed to co-exist with other species and use the resources judiciously. We are the ones that became greedy and in our thirst for advancement, we have left everyone behind.

Animals are living on the streets and near the residential areas because there is no land left for them to use. They don’t deserve to live by eating from dumpsters, they don’t deserve having stones hurled at them and worse still, they don’t deserve to die.

A study says that animal offenders and serial killers share the same traits. That isn’t even surprising. Given the kind of society we live in, isn’t it the need of the time to imbibe compassion in our children? Nothing is going to change if the laws get revised. After all, animals can’t defend themselves in the court of justice. And that’s where you and me have to step up, to stand for those who can’t stand for themselves. To stand against those who validate animal cruelty.

Nothing justifies a rod being inserted down the food pipe of an animal or the inhumane slaughtering of animals after all.


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