This Video Shows Little Signs Of Relationship Abuse That You Might Think Are Romantic

Love is used as an excuse for a lot of wrong things. The way we give reasons as to why the people we love abuse us is as if we are apologizing for being the person we are, and as if they are doing us a favour by loving us. Every time you hear someone complain about their significant other, they end it with, “but I love him/her”. No matter what they do to us, we love them. This love springs from various places, from being unable to think that you deserve more, from feeling like you should hold on to the form of love you have, or from romanticising abusive love. Here’s a video that shows an abusive relationship, watch it to know, if your significant other does things like this, it is time to run away from them:



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Kanchi Vasavada

Kanchi is a features editor at Youth Connect. A tech enthusiast and a reader, she, like Dumbledore thinks that words are the most inexhaustible source of magic we have.


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