Here Is How To Make And Keep Your New Year Resolutions

New Year is here. People are making their plans for the 31st night, putting on their best shoes and have a sudden elation after a tiresome drudgery of a year. And the best part of the New Year celebrations is making resolutions. Although there are people who either detest making resolutions or give up on it in a few days into the new year, it still retains its beauty.

The beauty of making resolutions is the hopes that it invokes, the hope to become a better person and achieve the goals that would otherwise be postponed to the distant future.

Do we stand true to all the resolutions that we make? No. Sometimes we set the bar at an unrealistic level and sometimes we cannot muster enough willpower to stay true to them. Despite our shortcomings in making and fulfilling them, one cannot find fallacy in the importance of framing resolutions. Why shouldn’t we make promises to ourselves when we owe it to ourselves fulfil our dreams? What is life after without the hope for a better tomorrow?

But how do you keep a resolution? The most common resolutions are usually targeted at a drastic weight loss, savings to buy up something expensive or entails around target goals.  And while none of them can be remotely termed wrong, the tone of the resolution is what deters us from keeping them.

Let us take an example with some tempting resolutions.

“I will read a book per week.”

“I will take solo trips every month.”

“I will cut off junk food entirely for a year.”

“I will improve my grades.”

While the lust for drastic results pushes us to make severe resolutions, we do not understand the implications at hand. In lieu of the above given examples:

Resolution 1: let us assume that the book has 500 pages, reading a book a week would need you to read 70 pages a day. Suppose you miss a day of reading due to impending deadlines at work, you miss your resolution. How about you dilute the resolution to reading for an hour a day or fixing a few pages for a day, then you wouldn’t have to carry the guilt of letting down your resolutions.

Resolution 2: while making travel goals, we completely elude the expenditures that are incurred. If your plan is to stay broke an entire month to afford a solo trip, it kind of loses meaning. If instead you plan to make a steady savings account and plan to hit the road as soon as you reach the required budget, you stay true to your travel goals without hurting your pockets.

Resolution 3: giving up junk food is among the best things that you can do to your body, but that leaves you always scampering for comfort food or feeling upset over missing out hangouts with friends to keep up with the diet. If instead, you decide to make fitness a lifestyle but make it a point to treat your taste buds every once in a while, you have mastered both the worlds.

Resolution 4: good grades are a distant dreams to many of us. For the likes of me who don’t even know the syllabus a few days prior to exams and depend on last minute studying, this becomes even more difficult. A realistic alternative would be to keep the syllabus and notes up to date to make the last minute preparations fruitful.

It is true that resolutions are about pushing yourself hard. But don’t push yourself so hard that you land with a thud. The only way you can keep your resolutions is to tone it to the level of your will power on a work day.


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