Our Generation Leads Two Different Lives Everyday And It’s Time We Changed That

I wonder what it would be like if we were as happy and as busy ‘living the moment’ as the social media profiles might suggest. Our travel goals not that sound and most importantly our lives were never as happening, no matter how sound our Instagram and Facebook uploads are. Somehow our generation depicts an inverse relation between our real and reel life. Unlike popular assumption, it isn’t only the celebrities who strive for a dual life.

Imagine sitting on your bed the whole day and indulging in self-loathing but your Instagram POTD will showcase how you are relishing in your solitude with great food and shows and books. In all probability that might be true. Perhaps what we show in social media is an extension of ourselves, but we never dare to depict us exactly the way we are. In all, we can say that what we telecast as our daily lives in social media is just what we would want it to be.

Sadly though, the number of friends and followers in our social media or the number of likes in our photos doesn’t give an estimate our social circle beyond the mobile screen. You could have a thousand followers and your messenger might show active all round the clock, but you could still go to sleep crying alone, wondering why you have no one to talk to.

I think, this is a fate that our entire generation suffers from. We get so busy setting the perfect profile that we forget to enjoy an experience truly. Our relations and friendships get confined to a few chats now and then. If we are lonely or fighting depression and suicidal tendencies, we cannot say it out loud. Thanks to pages dedicated to making memes about such sensitive topics and normalizing it to the extent that every adolescent thinks that he/she is depressed. Anxiety disorders, nervous break down, panic attacks, social anxiety have been reduced to attributes of every office goer.

Does it come as a surprise that a person who opens up about his social awkwardness and how he feels terribly alone comes off as an attention seeker because apparently, every other person is depressed? Our generation prides in glorifying and romanticizing tragedy.

Nobody is sad anymore, they are tensed. Nobody has a bad day, they have a breakdown.

Our obsession with social media has left us even more twisted. We are a messed up generation and a lot of it is our own doing. If we could just shut our phones or take a time out from social media and do the things that we pretend to be doing anyway, we might do ourselves some good. Imagine what if we actually used social media for what it is meant for, to connect and not to fake a whole other lifestyle. Maybe you don’t have to be the wild party goer who you try to ape in your profile photos, maybe you just need to be yourself. Only then can we stop the social media craze from going to our heads.


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