Here Is Why You Should Read The ‘Message In A Bottle’ By Nicholas Sparks

We rave a lot about writer’s block, forgetting that reader’s block exists and is just as persistent. There are people who were bookworms but now find it difficult to stay glued to a few pages.  Or the times when you have your dream book wish list in front of you, but you just cannot read. It isn’t the absence of a good author that renders you incapable of turning pages.

To be honest, reading seems like a lost art.

There is a continuous rush, the obsessive need to stay ahead and on top of everything. Ultimately the calmness to just lay down, hold a book and read it without giving two dimes about the surrounding, has become rare. I was suffering from such a reader’s block and I didn’t have a clue about how to get over it. Nicholas Sparks came to my rescue. He is a guaranteed way to get over such a block; it has worked for me every time.

It doesn’t matter what kind of mood you are in or even if you feel like reading something or not. You pick a Nicholas Sparks book and you know you will be done in a few sittings. For this read I picked The Message In A Bottle. This is a story of two people leading completely different lives whose path wouldn’t have crossed, if it weren’t for a miracle. Call it a miracle or an act of undying love is something that is left for the reader to decide, despite different interpretations by the characters in the book.

This book raises moral questions that we often overlook for our convenience. Is the absence of a truth or a minor distortion of truth such a big a, if it were in good intention?

How long should one hold on to a lost love? And if punishing oneself by restraining oneself from companionship, the right way to go?

How having a child can affect any and all of one’s relationship prospects?

This book has something in store for everyone. A struggle of a single mother, the pain of not having a child, adultery, divorce, longing, separation, relationship complexities; every single nuance is richly described. It rises above the general romantic novels to touch a myriad of emotions, effortlessly.

This story teaches you that two people going through insurmountable grief can get together and heal each other. The protagonist will show you on how to take a risk and go against your better judgement, just in compliance with one’s gut instincts. The book shows you that a relationship between two mature people, head over heels in love with each other, will still have unfathomable complexities.

As it is evident from the title of the book, the reader encounters a few letters. Every word touches all your raw emotions. And I can promise you that if you read aloud those letters, your voice will tremble and your eyes will brim with tears.

As with every Nicholas Sparks book, this is beautiful. And the most powerful thing that I learnt from this book is that: love is never enough.

Gripping, powerful, emotional, tragic and beautiful; this makes the book a memorable one.



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