Dawoodi Bohra Women Are Asking Our Government To End Female Genital Mutilation. Help Them Do It

Female Genital Mutilation is a worldwide practice, mainly practiced in African regions like Nigeria and Gambia. While the UN has since a long time recognised African countries under FGM, India is a recent addition. FGM is not spoken about, discussed or even researched in India. It is mainly practised in the Dawoodi Bohra community who are Shia Muslims and reside in the western parts of India. This terrifying and inhumane practice was passed on by African traders to the Bohra traders of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

The UN has rightly termed it as mutilation – there are no health or medical benefits to this practice. In fact, it causes physical and psychological damage – with effects ranging from infections, damage of healthy tissue, extreme pain during sexual activities and even excretory functions. The only reason for such a practice is to control women’s sexual urges – a clear violation of human/women/children’s rights. To read more about Female Genital Mutilation, click here.

It is not a religious practice and is nowhere mentioned in the Quran – not that, that should matter. The Dawoodi Bohra women have filed a petition to the Indian Government to recognise this practice and end it by law. To sign it, click here!

To know more about the actual experience of FGM, by the Dawoodi Bohra women themselves, watch this video by scroll.in:


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