It’s Our Society That’s Shameful & Uncultured On Valentine’s Day, Not The Couples Celebrating It

So, Valentine’s Day is here; the most shamed and corrupted day.

Yes, many people are of the opinion that celebrating the valentine’s week is a frivolous show of love, with days dedicated even to roses and teddies. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And while our generation is largely divided on this particular day, one who goes all mushy and floods other people’s timeline indulging in a tad bit of PDA and the other who floods people’s timelines with sarcastic jibes at this day.

The second division is the battle of singles vs couples. For some reason, both of the parties want to make each other believe how their life is superior. It doesn’t matter how miserable they might be; the single guy talking of freedom, parties and no strings attached could have his eyes affixed on the girl who wouldn’t give two dimes about him and the couples posting relationship proofs with all the touching, gifts and outings but are stuck in an awkward phase far from the honeymoon phase.

But maybe, we need to cut this day some slack. I hear people saying that love should be celebrated all through the year and not just on 14th of February. But isn’t it equally true that we must celebrate our individuality every day, then why just on birthdays do we expect a special treatment? The same logic extends to Woman’s day, Mother’s day, Father’s day and Parents day. When we don’t oppose these celebrations, then on which right do we offer such resistance to Valentine’s Day? Why are we so opposed to the idea of celebrating love when that is the universal binding force?

The other massive resistance against this day is the one by the political parties that operate as a hierarchy of goons. This day is apparently a mark of how Indian culture has been degraded by the acts of consenting adults engaging in acts of intimacy before marriage. And this gives the Shiv Sena, Bajrang dal and their likes the right to harass couples, beat them, shame them, make them tie each other a rakhi or put garlands around their neck; thereby warning the youngsters of the consequences of “frolicking” with the opposite gender.  Our older generation also passes distasteful remarks on how youngsters are behaving so shamelessly i.e. holding hands, hugging, kissing or simply having a good time with each other.

So, it isn’t shameless to beat up two people in love, but it is shameless to express love publicly?

If left to such culture, people will be wed off at their infancy. If left to such culture, marriage will be reduced to just a legal agreement before having sex. If left to such culture, the basis of their claims, the glorious Indian Culture will be shamed. It doesn’t matter whether or not you agree with the Valentine’s Day celebration, don’t enforce your ideals. Let people be stupid and in love. Let people be happy. Because the only alternative is agreeing to have democracy fail and have a country be run by religious, self-proclaimed nationalists and protectors of the Indian culture and traditions.


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