Watch This Video To Know How To Raise Your Voice Against Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is too common. It is sexual harassment when someone brushes against you in public spaces; it is sexual harassment when someone stops you to talk to you only to look at your genitals; it is sexual harassment when someone “accidentally” sends you inappropriate texts or pictures; it is sexual harassment when someone tries to ask you to dress a little better to impress people, because better is another word for sexier. People sexualise us, assume we are available to them in ways because we have a nice picture on our social media, because we are polite in our way of conducting ourselves with them. It may be done as basic humanity but seen as availability. This video by¬†Bombay Diaries, titled H’er – Let The Voice Be Yours’ shows how when sexually harassed, one can call the person out on it; loudly and publicly. Humiliation will, hopefully, be the way to stop this from happening. Take a look:



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Kanchi is a features editor at Youth Connect. A tech enthusiast and a reader, she, like Dumbledore thinks that words are the most inexhaustible source of magic we have.


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