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Mommies… Mamma Mia!!!

This mother’s day, tell your mum how much you love her, how grateful you are for all she’s done and still does. Give her a big hug in the morning to wake her up, make breakfast for her. Even if the paratha’s a bit burnt or the tea too strong, she’ll love it.

To Be a Man in A Man’s World

It must be a surprise, an article on manhood coming from a woman. There is a reason why that’s the case and by the end of this note, you will realise why that is all the more important. I love telling stories – true as well as fictional ones, and that’s how I am going to start right now.

Why You Should Vote For Narendra Modi (BJP)

I live in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I am a part of the 43% population of Gujarat that is called urban. I have seen Modi fanatics and Modi haters around me, both equally passionate about their stand when they defend it. As soon as I step out of Gujarat, which has been the case quite few many

5 Deadliest Plane Crashes of All Time

The recent disappearance of a Malaysian airlines aircraft has shocked people across the world. We hope that the people onboard the missing plane are saved by some miracle. Having said that, aircraft mishaps are not a new thing. We have put together the following list of the deadliest plane crashes of all time that have

At Vellore Institute of Technology, Any Physical Contact But Handshakes Between Students Is Punishable

Dear Students, An education institution is like a place of worship. Everyone need [sic] to maintain decency and decorum. It has been brought to our attention that a few students indulge in obscene behaviour while sitting as pairs on the pathways, staircases and dark areas of the campus. This creates an embarrassing situation for other students,

Rahul Gandhi Interview: An Analysis Of Gandhi Scion’s First Interview In Ten Years

This article first appeared in Youth Connect February 2014 edition. After being a member of the parliament for ten years, Rahul Gandhi, for the first time gave a formal interview. The interview turned out to be a disappointment – to say the least. What did Rahul Gandhi say during the interview? The interview – now

AAP To Form Government In Delhi, Kejriwal Set To Be Chief Minister

The Aam of everyone’s eye – Arvind Kejriwal announced on Monday morning that Aam Apdmi Party will form the government, and Kejriwal will be the next chief minister of Delhi. The Congress has agreed to the terms put forth by AAP and re-elections in the immediate future is off the list. The swearing in ceremony

Jason Silva And His Mind Blowing “Shots Of Awe” Web Series

I have the habit of scrolling down my FB timeline at least twice everyday. Now I am the kind of person who, when reads the words “MUST READ” or “MUST WATCH” over something on it, I most certainly skip it, if not unsubscribe the person sharing it, because honestly, more than enough nonsense has been