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Open Text Based Assessment: A Step Ahead or a Collection of Loopholes?

Open Text Based Assessment: A Step Ahead or a Collection of Loopholes?

In November 2013, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) successfully introduced the open text based assessment in classes 9th and 11th for their final assessment and it has been welcomed by the student’s community with appreciable enthusiasm. It was a measure decided upon by the CBSE in order to break the conventional rules of

No, Idiots, Memes About The Missing Malaysia Flight Are Not Funny

Imagine losing a loved one in the 2001 Gujarat earthquake and have people make memes on the incident. Imagine losing a friend in the 2004 Tsunami and have your colleagues make fun of it over a conversation over coffee. Imagine having a sibling abducted and never found. Think these are funny? Why then did the

Psychological Pricing: A Genius Marketing Strategy

Psychological pricing, i.e., making the consumer believe that he is paying lesser than he actually would have, is a very effective marketing strategy that works wonders. Here’s how. The concept of psychological pricing hit home very well when a chemistry teacher once told us why we shouldn’t guess during our IIT JEE exams; while we

NGO Claims That Minor Girls Are Being Given Growth Hormones To Ready Them For Forceful Prostitution

A public interest litigation in the Supreme Court filed by an NGO claims that trafficked minors are being given growth hormones so that they could be pushed into prostitution.  An NGO named Guria Swayam Sevi Sansthan that has been working in the red light areas since the last 24 years has filed a Public Interest

5 Must Watch Movies That Ruled The Oscars 2014

The 86th Academy Awards, popularly known as The Oscars, were announced earlier today. Here are five films, that ruled the awards ceremony, that you need to watch.  Gravity (7 awards: Best original score, best director, best editing, best cinematography, best sound editing, best sound mixing, and best visual effects) One of the best movies of

The Chennai Metro Rail: A Boon in the Making

The Chennai Metro Rail, expected to be inaugurated and fully functional within a year or two, will prove to be a boon for the city, providing an effective public transportation system for the people. Most denizens would agree that the true pleasures of residing in a metropolitan city are experienced only when transportation is efficient

The Kaziranga Electronic Eye Project: Can It Save The Great One-Horned Rhino?

Extinction is an interesting word- something we usually associate with dodos and dinosaurs. Some extinctions are positive- for example, the extinction of the smallpox virus or the polio virus is a good thing. But problems arise when some of the most valuable endangered species in the world are on the brink of extinction. A country’s

Interim Budget 2014: How Will Reduction In Excise Duty Help?

As the general elections are round the corner with models posing nude to collect votes, proposed reduction of excise duty on a mix of varied commodities brings light to the current state of affair for some goods, at the same time bringing tentative disappointment for some others. Reduction in excise duty as follows: Excise duty

11 Rupees In Gujarat Are Sufficient To Be Not Poor

Congress has attacked Chief Minister Narendra Modi and the Gujarat government, after a piece of information was found on the state government’s website that suggested that benefits offered to the poor in Gujarat are only being offered to people who earn less than Rs. 10.80 per day. As of 2010, 68.7% of the India’s population

Businesses That Will Never Go Downhill!

In today’s competitive world, it is extremely difficult to survive in the market. No matter what area we choose, there is always a level of basic saturation and if entering into an already established market is difficult, what’s even more difficult is to survive and grow. But if we were to really wreck our brains,