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18 Things To Learn From Harvey Specter Of Suits.

18 Things To Learn From Harvey Specter Of Suits.

“According to me is the only ‘according to’ that matters.”

Story Of Chiranjiv Chhabra: India’s Best Dermatologist [Women Of Steel]

Chiranjiv Chhabra was recently awarded the Best Dermatologist of the Year award by Vogue magazine. She runs the biggest chain of skin care clinics in Delhi. Here is her story.  You specialise in cosmetics. What inspired you to choose this particular field? I am an artist at heart and cosmetology is as much an art

Women Of Steel: Varsha Bhawnani Who Founded Spanish-Inspired Fashion Brand “Vinegar Fashion”

  Varsha Bhawnani founded Vinegar Fashion, a spanish inspired fashion brand. Here is her story.  What does fashion mean to you? Fashion for me is not runway trends or forecasts or celebrity endorsements. Fashion is your own quirky sense of style that will make heads turn. Today, girls are more comfortable in their own skin compared to the

Stanford Graduate & Former PayPal Employee Upasana Taku Today Runs “Zaakpay” [Women Of Steel]

  Upasana Taku is the founder of Zaakpay, and the co-founder of MobiKwik, two emerging companies in the Indian internet landscape that let users pay easily online. Here is Upasana’s story.  Your journey, in terms of education, is quite stunning. First NIT and then Stanford. Were you always interested in technology? As a kid I

Woman Of Steel: Shahnaz Husain

  Her products have been making women beautiful for almost 4 decades now. Shahnaz Husain is the Chairperson & Managing Director of The Shahnaz Husain Group of Companies and here is our own little tête-à-tête with her. How were you acquainted with Ayurvedic beauty care? While training in London in cosmetology and cosmetic therapy, I