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Why You Should Vote For Narendra Modi (BJP)

I live in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I am a part of the 43% population of Gujarat that is called urban. I have seen Modi fanatics and Modi haters around me, both equally passionate about their stand when they defend it. As soon as I step out of Gujarat, which has been the case quite few many

Are We Responsible for Killing the Gujarati Language?

They say that Gujarati language is dying. They have even started campaigns in order to save it. And when I look around, I feel that they are not completely wrong. And who are “they”? They are, perhaps, the people responsible for the situation of Gujarati language. They are none other than Gujaratis themselves. But they

Gujarat A Separate Country

“The United States of Gujarat”: What Would Happen If Gujarat Was A Separate Country?

What if Gujarat was a separate country? What would happen? What are the possible advantages and disadvantages? Gujarat is projected as and is to some extent one of the most prosperous states of India. The credit for that goes to all the previous governments and not to a particular person or party. It has been

Maruti Suzuki Land Case: Is Gujarat Government Taking The Right Steps?

1954, Gujarat, India The Government of India allots 210 hectares (approx 519 acres) of land in Hansalpur, Gujarat, to Maldharis, Dalits and Thakores. 2014, Gujarat, India Police “lathi-charges” Maldharis and their innocent cows. People demand strict action against the police officer responsible for the needless and unprovoked lathi charge in Hansalpur. [divider] To deny people of their human