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23 Books Every Feminist Should Read

23 Books Every Feminist Should Read

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‘Spritz’ Will Change The Way We Humans Read

The average human reading speed is 220 words per minute. ‘Spritzing’ is a new technology that is being doing rounds, and the tech claims that the person’s speed can increase phenomenally: to about a thousand words a minute.  Spritzing comes from Spritz – the name of the technology. “When you’re spritzing, you’re reading text one word at a time

Top 5 Indian Authors Of 2013

  There are some who go completely unnoticed, and then there are those who leave you completely awestruck with their books. Here are the top 5 Indian Authors of 2013. Amish Tripathi Amish Tripathi’s book, ‘The Oath Of The Vayuputras’ which was released in February, 2013, is the final book in his Shiva trilogy. Like