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Why Being A ’90s Kid Isn’t So Great These Days

Why Being A ’90s Kid Isn’t So Great These Days

Our generation was caught in the gap and we’re taking the heat for it.

A Piece Of Peace, Please?

“Hey, what was yesterday’s homework?” “What time do we have tuts today?” “I’ll do the Accounts homework in the English lecture” “Test ka paper mila?” ” I’ll have to stay up tonight,the assignment is due tomorrow” “NO MOM, I’ll eat something on the way!” “I’m tired mom, I can’t do it right now!” If  your

self harm

Show Me More: Research Says Internet Fuels Self Harm

Puppy love or bullying, obesity or nagging, teenagers seem to find shelter from every malady in self harm. According to a recent research, approximately one out of every eight people engage in some form of self-injury, and currently, it’s more widespread than it has been in prior decades. Among people who have mental illnesses, it is