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The Chetan Bhagat Interview

Highly acclaimed and quite frequently criticised, loved by readers and known for having created a buzz for reading among the Indian audiences, Chetan Bhagat got in a candid chat with Youth Connect.

The Ultimate Comparison Of AAP, BJP & Congress Manifestos

Youth Connect presents a thorough, detailed and elaborate comparison of the election manifestos of Aam Aadmi Party, Bharatiya Janata Party & Indian National Congress.

15 Most Shameful Things Indian Politicians Have Done

Lok Sabha elections are already on our doorsteps. Before we vote, let us know about some of the most shameful things the Indian politicians have done. Although, what you will read may only be the tip of the glacier.

3rd Front? No. 3 Ruling Parties? Yes.

Youth Speak article by Aakash Rughani. Submit your article today.  Title sounds absurd, right? Well let’s make it a bit more sagacious. The media nowadays is stressing too much on the formation of a third front. But let’s be realistic. Is a third front ever possible? Third front in Indian politics would be a rare

Rahul Gandhi Interview: An Analysis Of Gandhi Scion’s First Interview In Ten Years

This article first appeared in Youth Connect February 2014 edition. After being a member of the parliament for ten years, Rahul Gandhi, for the first time gave a formal interview. The interview turned out to be a disappointment – to say the least. What did Rahul Gandhi say during the interview? The interview – now