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Achal Rangaswamy’s “Discovering The Joy Of Selling” Book To Release Later This Week

Achal Rangaswamy is a sales and a marketing coach with decades of experience training professionals. Mr. Rangaswamy maintains an Op-Ed column on Youth Connect, and his new book is due for launch later this week. The book, “Discovering The Joy Of Selling”, is an inspiring fable written by Rangaswamy along with Mr. M S Srinivasan – a spiritual thinker

Hard Work And Determination = Success

I call this the “fire in the belly” mode. A well-known pizza outlet has this famous line – “Hungry kya?” Are you hungry enough? Do you really want to win? Winning the battle mentally, leads to a win on the field. Winning it in your dreams and then waking up to execute that victory comes

A Letter From A Father To His Son

Tuesday 22/06/04   Dear Son,   As you embark on a new phase in life this Wednesday, I, sitting here, look at the day with mixed feelings.   On one hand I feel very proud and happy that you have grown up, become a young man ready to face a new world, a world full