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At Vellore Institute of Technology, Any Physical Contact But Handshakes Between Students Is Punishable

Dear Students, An education institution is like a place of worship. Everyone need [sic] to maintain decency and decorum. It has been brought to our attention that a few students indulge in obscene behaviour while sitting as pairs on the pathways, staircases and dark areas of the campus. This creates an embarrassing situation for other students,

The Chennai Metro Rail: A Boon in the Making

The Chennai Metro Rail, expected to be inaugurated and fully functional within a year or two, will prove to be a boon for the city, providing an effective public transportation system for the people. Most denizens would agree that the true pleasures of residing in a metropolitan city are experienced only when transportation is efficient

A Letter From A Father To His Son

Tuesday 22/06/04   Dear Son,   As you embark on a new phase in life this Wednesday, I, sitting here, look at the day with mixed feelings.   On one hand I feel very proud and happy that you have grown up, become a young man ready to face a new world, a world full