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Internet Is A Basic Human Right And Here Is What People Who Don’t Have Access Are Missing Out On

Initially, the world worked by sharing resources. That is how trade evolved, around which the entire globe revolved. But today, information is the most important resource. Sharing information empowers and equips people. It helps people make informed choices. We are generating and consuming information at an unprecedented rate; there has been more information in the

Supreme Court

Right To Reject: A Game Changer For Indian Elections?

Right to Reject was being demanded by a lot of people fighting for electoral reforms in the country. Today, the Supreme Court agreed to their demand. How will this change election in India? In a historic judgement today, the Supreme Court of India held that from now onwards, all Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) will have

What’s Happening To My Country

Shagufta Khan contributed to this story. Since independence, and even before, India has seen great highs, and deep lows. You cannot expect a country of this size to function without a kick here and a punch there. But lately, the ride has become a bit too bumpy. Is the largest democracy in the world on