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23 Books Every Feminist Should Read

23 Books Every Feminist Should Read

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25 Greatest Songs By RD Burman

RD Burman. This name brings back an era full of romance, pain, anger, despair, heartbreak, masti, flirting and breakthrough dancing. While every song of Rahul Dev Burman was magical, here are 25 of them that easily classify to be called his evergreen hits.

World’s Most Powerful People. Where Do Indians stand?

Forbes magazine, in their list of 100 most powerful people in the world, has included four Indians namely: Sonia Gandhi (21st), Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (28th), Mukesh Ambani (38th) and Lakshmi Mittal (51st). Four out of seventy two from a country which has 1/6th of the entire world’s population is not that great a stat.