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Is It Time To Reform The UN Security Council?

The United Nations is often portrayed as the protector of the world. But has it become archaic? Does the Security Council need a reshuffle? Will it make the UN more effective?

Right To Reject: Here’s How The “None Of The Above” Option Can Actually Help Shape A Better India

Making right to reject right: Re-elections must take place if 50% of the mandate rejects all candidates. Right before the assembly elections of 2013, the Supreme Court passed an order provisioning the right to reject for the citizens of India. The order allowed the Indian voters to opt for a “none of the above” option while voting

Eleventh Grade Students Organise The First Ahmedabad Student Parliament

On January 19, 2014, over 300 students participated in the first Ahmedabad Student Parliament, making it Gujarat’s largest youth conference. The students hailed from as many as fifteen schools of the city and the event, that was inaugurated by Nirav Shah, saw discussions over various burring issues that are relevant to the nation today. Women

Food Security Bill: A Genuine Attempt To Solve Hunger Or A Last Ditch Effort To Win Elections?

The National Food Security Bill 2011 was passed by the Parliament with much fan fare. It is destined to radically change the availability of subsidised food to the poor. Will it do that? Or is it just another attempt by the government to win elections at our expense? The Food Security Bill (FSB) was passed