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Here’s Why Asking To Kick The English Language Aside In India Is Hypocrisy.

My “Indian-ness” cannot be judged by the language I talk in.

India Under Attack: Threats India Faces From Sri Lanka

India today is surrounded by hostile nations on all four sides. Though it is one of the major nations in South-East Asia, this country faces the threats of terrorism, invasion, illegal residents and unprotected sea lanes on its borders. In this series of stories, these four major threats have been elucidated and explained, for those who are

Here Is Why Jayalalitha And Mamata Banerjee Will Decide The Fate Of India’s Next Prime Minister

Narendra Modi, the PM candidate of the BJP, and the whomsoever the Congress announces as their PM candidate, have their future in the hands of two powerful ladies of India: J Jayalalitha and Mamata Banerjee. Known as Amma and Didi respectively, these two leaders are chief ministers of Tamil Nadu and West Bengal and hold