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In Yemen, Father Burns Daughter Because She Talked To Her Fiancé

In Yemen, Father Burns Daughter Because She Talked To Her Fiancé

Humanity was challenged when a father set his fifteen year old daughter on fire for talking to her fiancé, in Yemen. What might sound like a myth to the people living in the educated and the secured environments is the situation actually prevailing in many parts of the world in today’s times. Let’s talk about

Pages Are Impersonating Women, But Facebook Will Not Care [UPDATE: Page Removed]

Yesterday an issue regarding a page named “Rupali Singh” was taken up at a Facebook group of which I am a member. The page is categorised on Facebook as “Just For Fun” and is posting images that the page owners are downloading from profiles of random women from across Facebook. The page is in operation since May

Yeti: Origins Of The Forgotten Beast

It goes by many names – Yeti, Bigfoot, Abominable Snowman, Raksha. Since the days of Ramayana, this creature has baffled us with its regular guest appearances over Himalayas. Does it really exist? In 1991, a young girl named Sasha, daughter of a forest ranger in Himalayas was kidnapped by dangerous Goga-Kapoor-esque gangsters with usual intent

A Letter From A Father To His Son

Tuesday 22/06/04   Dear Son,   As you embark on a new phase in life this Wednesday, I, sitting here, look at the day with mixed feelings.   On one hand I feel very proud and happy that you have grown up, become a young man ready to face a new world, a world full

Apple Launches iPad Air & iPad Mini With Retina Display

“Our most advanced technology in a revolutionary and magical device.” – Tim Cook 170 million iPads sold. 81% of tablet users use iPad. Tim Cook starts talking about the iPad by reminiscing about the time people thought the iPad was not a game changer, and could never compete with Netbooks. Well, that shut everyone up.

A Map That Shows Which Country Is Good At What

You know how they say the world is a weird place? Now we have a map that shows which country is #1 in what. And some countries are just plainly weird. Folks over at Doghousediaries decided to put up a map that showed what country led the world where. Like seriously. And they put up

BBM Coming To Android, iOS Today [UPDATE: Not Really]

Blackberry has confirmed in a company blog today that its messaging app – BBM – for iPhone and Android will be available starting today. The BBM for Everyone application was slated for a September release, but soon after Blackberry opened the flood gates, its servers crashed and the company rolled back the release. Blackberry kept

Six Types Of Guys You Don’t Want To Date

How many times have you ended up being in a relationship with the wrong guy? How many times have you found a guy to be perfect initially, but only to find yourself regretting the relationship? We women often make the mistake of falling for the wrong Man. Here are some warning signs we all should

Ask The Wingman: Taste Matters, The Pill Dilemma, Doggie-Style Show [NSFW]

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