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Believe It Or Not, These 8 Basic Things Are Banned In Saudi Arabia

Sharia, the Islamic law is the origin of gender roles in Saudi Arabia. It is based on the Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad. Reflecting on the Prophet’s life, Islam very well allows and encourages strong women. His first wife Khadijah is said to be a powerful businesswoman while the second wife Aisha commanded the

Ask the Wingman: Virtual Bees & Birds, Roommate Showcase, Speechless Boyfriend [NSFW]

The content below is not suitable for minors. Proceed with caution.  Disclaimer: The following content is for entertainment purposes only. We intend to hurt sentiments of no person, group, community, religion or otherwise. Please write to us at corrections@youthconnectmag.com if you have any issues with the content. — Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. The one day of the